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"- Alice: How long is «forever»?
- White Rabbit: Sometimes, just a second. " Lewis Carroll


three lines> three images
ikù is inspired by haiku (俳句 [häikɯ]),
a form of poetry consisting of three unrhymed lines,
which has its origins in Japan, in the 17th century.
"Wakes up and yawns, the cat;
then, love. "
Kobayashi Issa
in the light of the moon
an early spring. "
Kobayashi Issa
"Sea of spring
all day long he hugs us lukewarmly. "
Yosa Buson
The way in which one gives is more valuable than the gift itself.
Pierre Corneille (1606 - 1684)
French playwright

the intrinsic meaning of ikù images can be enhanced by a personal text printed on a pull-down card (optional) integrated into the bottom frame.

using the ikù composer can be fun and also very interesting.

I'm leaving
you stay -
two autumns Masaoka Shiki
(1867 - 1902)
Japanese poet and journalist

An ikù can be created with your personal photos/images and/or copyright free photos (for commercial and non commercial use) from the Internet, by dragging them into the composer. As an example, the images of the ikù above were taken from

You can look for details in a photo (facial expressions, details of a scene, a landscape...) or create the ikù with different images. Here are some ikù videos in action:

You can get inspired by other photographers to shoot and capture three moments to be immortalized in your exclusive ikù... and why not, you can also try using free photos.

Here is a list of websites offering free photos for commercial and non-commercial use:

Inspiration can also come from reading a haiku, the lyrics of a song, an aphorism, the lines of a poem...

Here is a list of interesting websites about the Haiku:

Do you have a website or do you know other Haiku websites? Let us know through the contact page, contributions are very welcome. ;)

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